Four hundred miles to the east. . . .

Scott’s men on Ross Island were not alone in the Antarctic that winter. Four hundred miles to the east, in a hut built on the Barrier Ice, Roald Amundsen and his eighteen men were snugly settled in at their own base, called Framheim. Like Scott’s men, Amundsen’s were making good use of the winter months to prepare for their own overland journey to the South Pole in the spring. To some, it looked as though a race was in the offing.
From Amundsen’s book”To the South Pole”:

“There are many who think that a Polar expedition is synonymous with idleness. I wish I had had a few adherents of this belief at Framheim that winter; they would have gone away with a different opinion. Not that the hours of work were excessively long; the circumstances forbae that. but during those hours the work was brisk.”


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