The Winter Journey: July 22, 1911

Birdie, Cherry, and Bill had managed to build themselves a little stone hut to live in while they searched for penguin eggs at Cape Crozier.  The incessant wind had blown away their tent.

Dr. Wilson wrote in his diary:  “…the snowdrift was finding its way through every crack and creive of our stone hut. . . .It came in such quantities that we and all our gear were soon inches deep in it. . . .The wind was so strong and blew so hard over the roof of our hut that it sucked the canvas up and tried to lift it right off. . . .Lying in our bags ruminating over these things in the hut, we were sopping wet and getting wetter every time we had to get in and out of our bags for anything, there was so much snow drifting in the hut. . . .The tent was gone and out of sight, and we couldn’t look for it till the blizzard stopped and a little daylight gave us a chance.  Worse was to happen before this happened however.”


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