September 13, 1911: Lt. Evans’ Early Spring Depot Journey

Lt. Edward Evans led a small party including Tryggve Gran from Cape Evans out over the Barrier, to restore Scott’s Depot at Corner Camp. From his book “South With Scott”:

“On the 13th September, having shivered in my bag all night, at five o’clock I told my companions to get up, both of them being awake. The cold had been so dreadful that none of us had slept a wink, and we were not at all surprised on looking at the thermometer when we found that the temperature was 73.3 degrees below zero Farenheit. . . .”

The depot had been entirely buried by the winter’s snowdrifts. “When we reached the Camp we pitched our tent and dug out all the forenoon, until eventually we had got all the stores repacked in an accessible fashion at the top of a great snow cairn constructed by the three of us. It was about the coldest day’s work I ever remember doing.”

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