Scott’s Account: October 7-8, 1911

Saturday, October 7:

“As though to contradict the suggestion of incompetence, friend ‘Jehu’ pulled with a will this morning–he covered 3-1/2 miles without a stop, the surface being much worse than it was two days ago. He was not at all distressed when he stopped. If he goes on like this he comes into practical politics again, and I am arranging to give 10-feet sledges to him and Chinaman instead of 12-feet. Probably they will not do much, but if they go on as at present we shall get something out of them.

“Long and cheerful conversations with Hut Point and of course an opportunity for the exchange of witticisms. ‘We are told it was blowing and drifting at Hut Point last night whereas here it was calm and snowing; the wind only reached us this afternoon.”

Sunday, October 8:

“A very beautiful day. Everyone out and about after Service, all ponies going well.”

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