At Framheim: October 19, 1911. Amundsen departs for the Pole

From Amundsen’s account:

“At last we got away, on October 19. The weather for the past few days had not been altogether reliable; now windy, now calm–now snowing, now clear: regular spring weather, in other words. That day it continued unsettled; it was misty and think in the morning, and did not primise well for the day, but by 9″30 there was a light breeze from the east, and at the same time it cleared.

“There was no need for a prolonged inquiry into the sentiments of the party–“What do you think? Shall we start?”–“Yes, of course. Let’s be jogging on.” Our coursers swere harnessed in a jeffy, and with a little nod–as much as to say, “See you to-morrow”–we were off. I don’t believe Lindstrom even came out of doors to see us start. “Such an everyday affair: what’s the use of making a fuss about it?”

“There were five of us–Hanssen, Wisting, Hassel, Bjaaland, and myself. e had four sledges, with thirteen dogs to each. At the start our sledges were very light, as we were only taking supplies for the trip to 80″ S., where our cases were waiting for us.”

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