Seal Hunting, Motor Breakdown

Tryggve Gran’s Diary, 29 October 1911

“With Nelson today to Razorback to slaughter some new-born seals.  It was horrid, bloody work, done in the name of science.  These poor, innocent creatures had to be wrenched from their mothers who then ran round in desperation to other seals, hoping to find their missing young.  We had to knock the mothers unconscious for a moment with a blow to the skull

“Meares returned today and will take Ponting with him to the Barrier the day afdter tomorrow.  He related that [Lieutenant] Evans had returned to the hut on skis for a bag he had forgotten.

“Evans had said that a ball-bearing had broken just after [Scott’s] party had returned to Cape Evans. They had succeeded in repairing the damage during the night. The weather has been nice but there was a light wind from the north.  The southern party will set off on Wednesday.”


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