Southern Journey: The Barrier Stage Begins

(From Scott’s Diary

November 1, 1911

“Last night we heard that Jehu had reached Hut Point in about 5-1/2 hours.  This morning we goat away in detachments–Michael, Nobby, Chinaman were the first to get away about 11 a.m.  The little devil Christopher was harnesed with the usual difficulty and started in a kicking mood, Oates holding on for all he was worth.

“Bones ambled off gently with Crean, and I led Snippets in his wake.  Ten minutes after P. O. Evans and Snatcher passed at the usual full speed.  The wind blew very strong at the Razor Back and the sky was threatening–the ponies hate the wind.

“Victor and Michael forged ahead again, and the remaining three of us came in after taking a little under five hours to cover the distance.  We were none too soon, as the weather had been steadily getting worse, and soon after our arrival it was blowing a gale.”


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