November 7-8, 1911: from the diary of Charles S. Wright [Silas]

Tuesday, November 7:  “Same place–blizzard–since last entry, twenty-four hours to date.  Ponies don’t like it.”

Wednesday, November 8:  “Got off about midnight as the wind began to take off.  Six miles to lunch (four and a half to cairn) and five miles after lunch to old cairn of last year in good preservation close (6000 yds south) of Blossom cairn.

“Glimpses of [Mounts] Discovery and Erebus during the day.  Now sunny and hot as blazes; must be nearly freezing point.  Don’t know how we shall manage to sleep through it.

“Eleven miles today.  The dogs came up las night and are now with us.  B. A. [bloody awful] light when we started–no contrasts and had to try to follow the motor party’s [man-hauling] track, but could not and almost got snow blind trying to see.”


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