Amundsen Races Ahead: November 11-12, 1911

From “To the South Pole”:

“On the 10th we got a bearing of the mountain chain right down in south by west true.  Each day we drew considerably nearer the land, and could see more and more of its details:  mighty peaks, each loftier and wilder than the last, rose to heights of 15,000 feet.  What struck us all were the bare sides that many of these mountains whowed; we had expected to see them far more covered with snow. . .

“On the 12th we reached 84 degrees S.  On that day we made the interesting discovery of a chain of mountains running to the east; this, as it appeared from the spot where we were, formed a semicircle, where it joined the mountains of South victoria Land.  This semicircle lay true south, and our course was directed straight towards it. . . .

“The Barrier continued as flat as before, and the going was as goood as it could possibly be.    We had thought that a days’s rest would be needed by the dogs for every degree of latitude, but this proved superfluous; it looked as if they could no longer be tired.”

[Amundsen had nearly reached the southern end of the Great Ice Barrier.  On this day Scott’s ponies and their men made their Camp 8, roughly 250 miles farther south on the Barrier]

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