One Ton Depot: Scott’s Diary, 15 November, 1911

“Camp 12.  Found our One Ton Camp without any difficulty [130 geographical miles from Cape Evans].  About 7 or 8 miles.  After 5-1/2 miles to lunch camp, Chinaman was pretty tired, but went on again in good form after the rest.  All the other ponies made nothing of the march, which, however, was over a distinctly better surface.  After a discussion we had decided to give the animals a day’s rest here, then to push forward at the rate of 13 geographical miles a day.  Oates thinks the ponies will get through, but that they have lost condition quicker than he expected.  Considering his usually pessimistic attitude this must be thought a more hopeful view. . . .Well, we must wait and see how things go.

“A note from Evans dated the 9th, stating his party has gone on to 80 degrees 30′, carrying for boxes of biscuit.  He has done something over 30 miles (geo.) in 2-1/2 days–exceedingly good going.  I only hope he has built lots of good cairns.”


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