On the South Polar Trail: November 17, 1911

From Charles Wright’s diary:

“Better surface, peculiarly ridged on soft snow, very much like sea ice when first covered.

“Teddy’s cairns two and a half miles, five and a half miles and eleven miles plus, a bit off course to the west. . .Total for the day thirteen and a quarter miles.  Chinaman with 403 lbs pulled well on the better surface. . . .

“Trying to make Chinaman last out four more marches.  New routine started.  We (the funeral cortege) off at 8 P.M., others at  10 P.M.  All stop for lunch.  Trying to make thirteen miles per day.”

–On this day Amundsen started his ascent of Axel Heiberg Glacier, through the Transantarctic Mountains

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