Amundsen Starts Up the Glacier: November 18, 1911

From Amundsen’s account:

“We debated next morning [November 18] whether it would not be better to take the sledges two by two to begin with; the glacier before us looked quite steep enough to require double teams.  It had a rise of 2,000 feet in quite a short distance- – – We crept off; the ascent began at once–good exercise after a quart of chocolate.  We did not get on fast, but we won our way. . . .

“It was a magnificent panorama that opened before us. . . .Round about us lay summit after summit on every side. . .

“I went back to the pass to look out over the Barrier for thelast time. The new mountain chain lay there sharp and clear; swe could see how it durned from east up to east-north-east, and finally disappeared in the northeast–as we judged about 84 degrees S.  From the look of the sky, it appeared that the chain continued farther.”

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