The first of the ponies to Go: Cherry-Garrard’s Account

–November 24, 1911–

“All depended on the weather, and just now it was glorious, and the ponies were going steadily together.  Jehu, the crockiest of the crocks was led back along the track and shot on the evening of 24 November, having reached a point at least 15 miles beyond where Shackleton shot his first pony.

“When it is considered that it was doubtful whether he could start at all this must be conceded to have bee a triumph of horse-management in which both Oates and Atkinson shared, though neither so much as Jehu himself, for he must have had a good spirit to have dragged his poor body so far.”

Lt. Henry (“Birdie”) Bowrs had this to say:  “A year’s care and good feeding, three weeks’ work with good treatment, a reasonable load and a good ration, then a painless end.  If anybody can call that cruel I cannot either understand it or agree with them.”

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