Amundsen on the South Polar Plateau: November 25, 1911

“We all had taken a turn outside to look at the weather, and were sitting on our sleeping-bags discussing the poor prospect. . .’Shall we try it?’. . . .No sooner was the proposal submitted than it was accepted unanimously and with acclimation. . . .All the qualities that I most admire in a man were clearly shown at that juncture:  courage and dauntlessnes, without boasting or big words.  Amid joking and chaff, everything was packed, and then–out into the blizzard.

“It was practically impossible to keep one’s eyes open; the fine drift-snow penetrated everywhere, and at times one had a feeling of being blind.  The tent was not only drifted up, but covered with ice, and in taking it down we had to handle it with care, so as not to break it in pieces.”

–from To the South Pole


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