November 28, 1911: “Chinaman died today. . .”

From Charles “Silas” Wright’s diary:

“Head wind 25 m.p.h all day.  Surface as yesterday but patches of sastrugi fairly good.  Light very bad, at times could not see 4 in. [deep] footsteps under feet though paty three quarters of a mile away [was] visible. . . .

“Chinaman [Wright’s pony] died tonight of senile decay complicated by the presence of a bullet in the brain.  Poor old devil, he never shirked and was capable of reaching the Beardmore [Glacier].  Dogs had to be fed was the trouble.  [He was] the smallest and oldest of the lot and the first to cross every degree of latitude.  Would eat some of him only Atch [Atkinson]  refuses.”


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