December 2, 1911: Scott’s Diary

“The dogs are doing splendidly and will take a heavier load from to-morrow.  We kill another pony to-morrow night if we get our march off, and shall then have nearly three days’ food for the other five.  In fact everything looks well if the weather will only give us a chance to see our way to the Glacier.  Wild, in his Diary of Shackleton’s Journey, remarks on December 15, that it is the first day for a month that he could not record splendid weather.  With us a fine day has been the exception so far.

“However, we have not lost a march yet.  It was so warm when we camped that the snow melted as it fell, and everything got sopping wet.  Oates came into my tent yesterday, exchanging with Cherry-Garrard.

“The tents now:  Self, Wilson, Oates, and Keohane.  Bowers, P.O. Evans, Cherry, and Crean.  Man-haulers:  E. R. Evans, Atkinson, Wright, and Lashly.”


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