December 6, 1911: Scott’s Blizzard Camp, Day Two

(from Scott’s diary)

“Camp 30.  The tempest rages with unabated violence.  The temperature has gone to +33; everything in the tents is soaking.    People returning from the outside look exactly as though they have been in a heavy shower of rain.  They drip pools on the floor-cloth.

(from Birdie Bowers’ diary account)

“We try to treat it as a huge joke, but our wretched condition might be amusing to read of later.  We are wet through, our tents are wet, our bags which are our life to us and the object of our greatest care, are wet; the poor poniesw are soaked and shivering far more than they would be ordinarily in a temperature fifty degrees lower.

“Water trickles down the tent poles and only forms icicles in contact wiht th snow floor.  The warmth of our bodies has formed a snow bath in the floor for each of us to lie in.  This is a nice little catchwater for stray streams to run into before they freeze.  This they cannot do while a warm human lies there, so they remain liquid and the accomodating bag mops them up. . . .

“I feel glad that he [Captain Scott] has Dr. Bill [Wilson] in his tent; there is something always so reassuring about Bill, he comes out best in adversity”

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