December 7, 1911: Scott’s Blizzard Camp, Day Three

From Birdie Bowers’ diary:

“As bad as ever; it cannot be much worse.  I had to dig out a new lot of rations to-day, as we start on our Summit scale.  We were hoping to be two days up the glacier before we did so, but that is past regret.   There is no change in the weather, but a hopeful rise in the barometer.

“What summer weather we are having for our show!  We are pressed in on every side by weights of snow at which we have dug away in vain.  I am glad I am not a long person, as even I cannot lie quite straight.  We are all wet, soaking and wringing wet bags, clothes, and gear–a snipe march we call it–and being tightly packed together we are warm in spite of all.

“Still we are all in the same boat, none of us is more wet than the next man, and I can endure what any other man can!  That is my creed down here–if any voice is raised in protest it shall not be mine.  Still I shall not cease to pray for a cessation of what appears to me excessive adversity.”


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