December 9, 1911: The end of Scott’s Blizzard Camp

From “South With Scott,” Lt. Edward ‘Teddy’ Evans’ account:

“On December 9 the blizzard was really over; we completed the digging out of sledges and stores and wallowed sometimes thigh-deep whilst getting the ponies out of their snow-drifted shelters.  Then we faced probably the hardest physical test we had since the bailing out in the great gale a year ago.  We had breakfast and got away somewhere about 8 a.m.

“My party helped the pony sledges to get away for a mile or two; the poor brutes had a fearful struggle, and so did we in the man-hauling team.  We panted and sweated alongside the sledges, and when at last Captain Scott sent us back to bring up our own sledge and tent we were quie done.  Arrived at the Shambles Camp we cooked a little tea, then wearily hauled our sledge for hour after hour until we came up with the Boss, dead cooked–we had struggled and wallowed for nearly 15 hours.

“The others certainly had an easier but a far sadder time, for they had to coax the exhausted ponies along and watch their sufferings, knowing that they must kill the little creatures on halting.

“Oh, Lord–what a day we had of it.  Fortunately, we man-haulers missed the ‘slaughter of the innocents,’ as some one termed the pony killing.  When we got to the stopping place all five pones had been shot and cut up for dog and man food.

“This concluded our Barrier march. . . .”


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