December 10, 1911: The Gateway

From Cherry-Garrard’s account, “The Worst Journey in the World”

“The Gateway is a gap in the mountains, a side door, as it were, to the great tumbled glacier.  By lunch we were on the top of the divide, but it took six hours of the hardest hauling to cover the mile which formed the rise.  As long as possible we stuck to ski, but we reached a point at which we could not move the sledges on ski; once we had taken them off we were up to our knees, and the sledges were ploughing the snow which would not support them.

“But our gear was drying in the bright sunshine, our bags were spread out at every opportunity, and the great jagged cliffs of red granite were welcome to the eyes after 425 statute miles of snow.  The Gateway is filled by a giant snowdrift which has been formed between Mount Hope on our left and the mainland on our right.  From Shackleton’s book we gathered that the Beardmore was a very bad glacier indeed.”


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