December 12, 1911: Amundsen Presses On

From his account “South to the Pole”:

“Every step we now took in advance brought us rapidly nearer the goal; we could feel fairly certain of reaching it on the afternoon of the 14th. . . . What should we see when we got there?  A vast endless plain , that no eye had yet seen and no foot yet trodden; or–no, it was an impossibility; with the speed at which we had travelled, we must reach the goal first, there could be no doubt about that.  And yet–and yet–Wherever there is the smallest loophole, doubt creps in and gnaws and gnaws and never leaves a poor wretch in peace.

“On the 12th we reached 89 degrees 30′, reckoning one kilometer behind observation.  Going and surface as good as ever.  Weather splendid–calm with sunshine.”

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