December 13, 1911: A slow start up the Glacier

Wednesday December 13, from Scott’s diary:

“A most damnably dismal day.  We started at eight–the pulling terribly bad, though the glide decidedly good; a new crust in patches, not sufficient to support the ski, but without possibility of hold.  Therefore, as the pullers got on the hard patches, they slipped back.  The sledges plunged into the soft places and stopped dead.

“Evans’ party got away first; we followed, and for some time helped them forward at their stops, but this proved altogether too much for us, so I forged ahead and camped at 1 p.m., as the others were far astern. . . .

“Evans passed us, and for some time went forward fairly well up a decided slope.  The sun was shining on the surface by this time, and the temperature high.  Bowers started after Evans, and it was easy to see the really terrible state of affairs with them. . . . We got our own load along, soon passing Bowers, but the toil was simply awful.  We were soaked with perspiration and thoroughly breathless with our efforts. . . .

“I suppose we have advanced a bare 4 miles to-day and the aspect of things is very little changed.  Our height is now about 1,500 feet. . . .I find our summit ration is even too filling for the present.”

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