December 15, 1911: Climbing the Lower Beardmore

From Cherry-Garrard’s diary, quoted in “The Worst Journey in the World”–

“It was a very bad light all day, but after lunch it began to get worse, and by 5 o’clock it was snowing hard and we could see nothing.  We went on for nearly an hour, steering by the wind and any glimpse of sastrugi, and then, very reluctantly, Scott camped.  It looks better now.  The surface is much harder and more wind-swept, and as a rule the ice is only six inches underneath.

“We are beginning to talk about Christmas.  We get very thirsty these days in the warm temperatures; we shall feel it farther up when the cold gets into our open pores and sunburnt hands and cracked lips. . . .We are raising the land to the south well, and are about 2500 feet up, latitudae about 84 degrees 8′ S.”

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