December 16, 1911: Amundsen confirms the Pole

[The five men remained at the South Pole several days exploring the area, to confirm its exact location as closely as possible]

From his account, “To the South Pole”–

“Early next morning, December 16, we were on our feet again.  Bjaaland, who had now left the company of the drivers and been received with jubilation into that of the forerunners, was immediataly entrusted with the honourable task of leading the expedition forward to the Pole itself. . . .

“The leader that day had to keep as straight a line, and if possible to follow the direction of our meridian.  A little way after Bjaaland came Hassel, then Hanssen, then Wisting, and I followed a good way behind.  I could thus check the direction of the march very accurately, and see no great devaiation was made.  Bjaaland on this occasion showed himself a matchless forerunner; he went perfectly straight the whole time. . . .

“”It was 11 a.m. when we reached our destination. . . .”

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