January 7-8, 1911: Last returning party homeward bound

–From Lt. Evans’ account, “South with Scott”-

-“On the 7th January, in spite of a temperature 22 below zero, a fresh southerly wind and driving sno, Lashly, Crean, and myself laid 19 miles behind us.  On the 8th we again covered this distance, although the weather was so bad that we entirely lost the track, and on the following day, when the blizzard was at its worst, we fought our way forward for over 16 miles. ”

–from Edward Wilson’s sledging diary, en route to the South Pole:

“Very cold wind met us all afternoon.  Temp; -23.  Last night was -27.  We get our hairy faces and mouths dreadfully iced up on the march, and often one’s hands very cold indeed holding ski sticks.  [Petty Officer Edgar] Evans who cut his knuckle some days ago at the last depot–a week ago–has a lot of pus in it tonight.”


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