January 8, 1911: The Polar Plateau

–from Scott’s diary–

“Monday, January 8.–Camp 60.  Noon.  T. -19.8.  Min for night -25.  Our first summit blizzard.  We might just have started after breakfast, but the wind seemed obviously on the increase, and so it has proved.  The sun has not been obscured, but snow is evidently falling as well as drifting.  The sun seems to be getting a little brighter as the wind increases.  The whole phenomenon is very like a Barrier blizzard, only there is much less snow, as one would expect, and at present less wind, which is somewhat of a surprise.

“[P. O. Edgar] Evans’ hand was dressed this morning, and the rest ought to be good for it.  I am not sure it will not do us all good as we lie so very comfortably, warmly clothed in our comfortable bags, within our double-walled tent.  However, we do not want more than a day’s delay at most, both on account of lost time and food and the slow accumulation of ice.”

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