January 10, 1912: 1-1/2 Degree Depot, 95 Miles to Go

–from Edward Wilson’s sledging diary–

“Wed 10 Jan.  10.5 m geog.  My last day of cooking.  We are now 95 miles from the Pole.  We had a very heavy and hot forenoon march and only made 5 miles.  The surface was covered with snow crystals which had fallen in the night and the sun on these made the surface heavy as lead.  At lunch time we made a depot of provisions with a cairn and red flag.  I left my pyjama jacket there.

“We had rather better going in the afternoon for 2 or 3 hours, then crystals began to fall again and the sun came out.  Good halo and parhelion.  We lightened our load at this depot by about 100 lbs.  We are now about 85 miles from the Pole.’

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