January 18, 1912: Amundsen discovers new land

–from Amundsen’s sledging diary–

“Unusually fine weather to-day.  Light south-south-west breeze, which in the course of our march cleared the whole sky.  In 81 degrees 20′ we came abreast of our old big pressure ridges.   We now saw more of them than ever before.  They extended as far as the eye could see, running northe-east to south-west, in ridges and peaks.  Great was our surprise whien, a short time after, we made white summits to the south-east, probably in about 82 degrees S.  It could be seen by the look of the sky that the land extended from north-east to south-west.  This must be the same land that we saw lose itself in the horizon in about 84 S., when we stood at a height of about 4,000 feet and looked out over the Barrier, during our ascent.

“We now have sufficient indications to enable us without hesitation to draw this land as continuous–Carmen Land.”

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