January 19, 1912: Signs of Trouble for the Last Supporting Party

“[Lt. Evans had his goggles off all day while picking out the route through the crevasses. and suffered the agonies of sno blindness for the next fortnight.  He was unable to write his diary up again until 29th January.   He was too blind to do any useful pulling and could only walk along beside the sledge]

–from William Lashly’s diary in “Under Scott’s Command”–

“19.1.12  Today we got away and made a better start, but came on to a very soft snow during the afternoon.  Camped at 7 p.m.  Mr Evans very snow blind and we could not make progress as there is only two of us [Lashly and Tom Crean].  But we mush push on tomorrow and reach the next depot as soon as possible.  11 miles.”

“[At this point Lashly skipped some pages and started another section further on in which he made additional entries on days when there was anything to report on Evans’s health.  The second entry for 19th January goes on:]

“19.1.12  Mr Evans snow blind.  Did 11-1/2 miles and camped.”


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