January 25, 1912: Amundsen reaches home base–Framheim

–from his account, “To the South Pole”–

“The journey from 80 S. to Framheim has been so often described that there is nothing new to say about it.  On January 25, at 4 a.m., we reached our good little house again, with two sledges and eleven dogs; men and animals all hale and hearty.

“We stood and waited for each other outside the door in the early morning; our appearance must be made all together.  It was so still and quiet–they must all be asleep.  We came in.  Stubberud started up in his bunk and glared at us; no doubt he took us for gthosts.  One after another they woke up–not grasping what was happening.  Then there was a hearty welcome home on all sides.  ‘Where’s the Fram?’ was of course our first question.  Our joy was great when we heard all was well.

“‘And what about the Pole?  Have you been there?’  ‘Yes, of course; otherwise you would hardly have seen us again.’  Then the coffee kettle was put on, and the perfume of ‘hot cakes’ rose as in old days.  We agreed that it was good outside, but still better at home.  Ninety-nine days the trip had taken.  Distance about 1,860 miles.”

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