January 27, 1912: The Polar Party on the Plateau

–From Scott’s diary–

“There has been a nice helpful southerly breeze all day, a clear sky and comparatively warm temperatures.  The air is dry again, so that tents and equipment are gradually losing their icy conditions imposed by the blizzard conditions of the last week.

“Our sleeping bags are slowly but surely getting wetter and I’m afraid it will take a lot of this weather to put them right.  However, we all sleep well enough in them, the hours allowed being now on the short side.  We are slowly getting more hungry, and it would be an advantage to have a little more food, especially for lunch.

“If we get to the next depot in a few marches (it is now less than 60 miles and we have a full week’s food) we ought to be able to open out a little, but we can’t look for a real feed till we get to the pony food depot.  A long way to go, and, by Jove, this is tremendous labour.”

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