January 18-29: Lt. Evans snowblind on the Supporting Party’s return

–from his account “South with Scott”–

“The next day I had an awful attack of snow blindness, but the way down the glacier was so easy that it did not matter.  I forget whether Lashly or Crean led then, but I marched alongside, keeping in touch with the trace by hitching the lanyard of my sundial on to it and holding this in my hand. . . .That day I was in awful pain, and although we had some dope for putting on our eyes when so smitten, I found that the greatest relief of all was obtained by bandaging my eyes with a poultice made of tea leaves after use–quaint places, quaint practices. . . .

“Our homeward march continued day after day with no very exciting incidents.  We met no more crevasses that were more than a foot or so wide, and we worked our way donw on to the Great Ice Barrier with comaratively easy marches, although the distances we covered were surprising to us all–seventeen miles a day we averaged.”


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