January 29, 1912: The last supporting party–trouble on the glacier

–from William Lashly’s diary–

“29 January 1912.  Another good day was helped by the sail all day.  One man could again manage for about two hours.  The weather is still very warm, plus 20 again.  Did 16-1/2 miles, only 14 to the next depot.  Mr. Evans is still suffering from the same complaint [looseness of the bowels, in addition to his snowblindness]: have come to the conclusion to stop his pemmican, as I feel that it have got something to do with him being out of sorts.

“Anyhow we are going to try it.  Gave him a little brandy and he is taking some chalk and opium pills to try and stop it.  His legs are getting worse and we are quite certain he is suffering from scurvy, at least he is turning black and blue and several other colours as well.”

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