January 30, 1911: Good luck and bad news on the plateau

–from Scott’s diary–

“Tuesday, January 30.–R. 13. 9860.  Lunch Temp. -25.  Supper Temp.  -24.5.  Thank the Lord, another fine march–19 miles.  We have passed the last cairn before the depot, the track is clear ahead, the weather fair, the wind helpful, the gradient down–with any luck we should pick up our depot in the middle of the morning march.  This is the bright side:  the reverse of the medal is serious.

“Wilson has strained a tendon in his leg; it has given pain all day and is swollen tonight. Of course he is full of pluck over it, but I don’t like the idea of such an accident here.  To add to the trouble Evans has dislodged two finger-nails to-night; his hands are really bad, and to my surprise he has shown signs of losing heart over it.  He hasn’t been cheerful since the accident.  The wind has shifted from S.E. to S. and back again all day, but luckily it keeps strong.  We can get along with bad fingers, but [it will] be a mighty serious thing if Wilson’s leg doesn’t improve.”

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