February 2, 1912: Scott’s party downslope on the Plateau

–from Edward Wilson’s sledging diary–

“Fri 2 Feb.  We came down two slopes today.  Scott had a nasty fall on the point of his shoulder.  We have not however seen a crevasse as yet on the way back but ought to tomorrow.  We are still following our old tracks.  I got through the day without any slips and no further damage to leg which is mending well.

“The surface was largely eggshell porcelain, white and glistening like a woodpecker;s egg and as thin–almost always gives way under foot.  [In] some places there are 6 or 7 thin crusts in 2 or 3 inches depth of this snow.  Wind was off and on today–very cold forenoon for me in the sail’s shadow, but very warm afternoon march.  Finished at 8 p.m.  Very tired–sleep at once.”

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