February 8, 1912: Scott’s party geologising on the glacier

–from Edward Wilson’s diary–

“Thurs 8 Feb.  Mt. Buckley cliffs

“A very busy day.  We had a very cold forenoon march blowing like blazes from the S.  Birdie detached and went on ski to Mt. Darwin and collected some dolerite, only rock he could see on the nunatak which was nearest.  We got into a sort of a crusted surface where the snow broke through nearly to our knees and the sledge runner also. I though at first we were all on a thinly bridged crevasse.  We then came on east a bit and gradually got worse and worse going over an icefall having great trouble to prevent sledge taking charge, but eventually got down and then made N.W. or N into the land and camped right by the moraine under the great sandstone cliffs of Mt. Buckley, out of the wind and quite warm again–what a wonderful change.

“After lunch we all geologised until supper, and I was very late turning in, examining the moraine after supper.  Socks strewn over the rocks dried splendidly.  Magnificent Beacon Sandstone cliffs.  Masses of limestone in the moraine–and dolerite crags in various places.  Coal seams at all heights in the sandstone cliffs and lumps of weathered coal with fossils, vegetable.   Had a regular field day and got some splendid things in the short time.”  [In all, they collected some 35 pounds of rock specimens to add to the sledge for the homeward journey.]

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