February 9, 1912: The Last Supporting Party reaches One Ton Depot

–from William Lashly’s diary, published in Cherry-Garrard’s “Worst Journey in the World”–

“8 February 1912: . . . .Mr. Evans have passed a good deal of blood today, which makes things look a lot worse.  I have to do nearly everything for him now.

“9 February 1912:  A very fine day and quite warm.  Reached the depot [One Tone Depot, about 120 miles from the Discovery hut and the nearest possibility of shelter and safety] at 5.5 p.m. and we all had a good feed of oatmeal  Oh, what a God-send to get a change of food!  We have taken enough food for 9 days, which if we still keep up our present rate of progress it ought to take us in to Hut Point.

“We cannot take too heavy a load, as there is only the two of us pulling now, and this our last port of call before we reach Hut Point, but things are not looking any too favourable for us, as our leader is gradually getting lower every day.  It is almost impossible for him to get along, and we are still 120 miles from Hut Point.”

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