February 9-10, 1912: The Fram heads north, out of the frigid zone

–from Amundsen’s account “To the South Pole”–

“Two days of fresh south-east wind took us comparatively quickly past the Balleny Islands, and on February 9 we could congratulate ourselves on being well out of the south frigid zone.  It was with joy that we had crossed the Antarctic Circle over a year ago, going south; perhaps we rejoiced no less at crossing it this time in the opposite direction.

“In the bustle of getting away from our winter-quarters there had been no time for any celebration of the fortunate reunion of land and sea parties, and we agreed that the day of our pzssage from the frigid to the temperate zone afforded a very good excuse.

“The pre-arranged part of the programme was extremely simple: an extra cup of coffee, duly accompanied by punch and cigars, and some music on the gramophone.  Our worthy gramophone could not offer anything that had the interest of novelty to us nine who had wintered at Framheim: we knew the whole repertoire pretty well by heart, but the well-known melodies awakened memories of may a pleasant Saturday evening around the toddy table in our cozy winter home down at the head of the Bay of Whales–memories we need not be ashamed of recalling.”

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