February 12, 1912: Scott’s party lost on the glacier

–from Scott’s diary–

“Monday, February 12.–R. 26.  In a very critical situation.  All went well in the forenoon, and we did a good long march over a fair surface.  Two hours before lunch we were cheered by the sight of our night camp of the 18th December, the day after we made our depot–this showed we were on the right track.  In the afternoon, refreshed by tea, we went forward, confident of covering the remaining distance, but by a fatal chance we kept too far to the left, and then we struck uphill and, tired and despondent, arrived in a horrid maze of crevasses and fissures.

“Divided councils caused our course to be erratic after this, and finally at 9 p.m. we landed in the worst place of all.  After discussion we decided to camp, and here we are, after a very short supper and one meal only remaining in the food bag; the depot doubtful in locality.  We must get there to-morrow.  Meanwhile we are cheerful with an effort.  It’s a tight place, but luckily we’ve been well fed up to the present.  Pray God we have fine weather to-morrow.”

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