February 14, 1912: Lt. Evans can no longer walk

–from Bill Lashly’s diary–

“Started this morning but had to stop and dump everything we possibly could and take Mr Evans on the sledge.  We still have about 70 miles to go.  No doubt we shall have our work cut out, but we must try and do our best to get to Hut Point in Safety.’

[Evans was completely helpless by this time and quite unable to stand.  He told Lashly and Crean to leave him in his sleeping bag and go on without him.  He said afterwards that it was the only occasion in his naval career that an order of his had been disobeyed.]

–from Evans’ account, “Happy Adventurer”–

“. . . one day I fainted and fell down in my tracks.  Crean and Lashly were close behind.  Crean picked me up; he thought I was dead, and his tears fell on my face. . . .They re-erected the tent, put me in my sleeping-bag, and laid me on one of theirs, which they had spread out to make me more comfortable. . . .Crean cheered me up by saying, ‘One up to the Guardian Angel!’

“They were a fine pair indeed.”

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