February 21, 1912: Wild’s “home on the floating pack-ice”

–from Wild’s narrative, published in Mawson’s “home of the Blizzard”–

“At 7 a.m. on February 21, 1912, the Aurora steamed away to the north leaving us on the Shackleton Ice-Shelf, while cheers and hearty good wishes were exchanged with the ship’s company.  On the sea-ice that day, there stood with me my comrades–the Western Party:  G. Dovers, C. T. Harrisson, C. A. Hoadley, S. E. Jones, A. L. Kennedy, M. H. Moyes, and A. D. Watson.

“We proceeded to the top of the cliff, where the remainder of the stores and gear was hauled up.  Tents were then erected and the work of hut-building at once commenced.  The site selected for our home was six hundred and forty yards inland from the spot where the stores were landed, and, as the edge of the glacier was very badly broken, I was anxious to get a supply of food, clothing and fuel moved back from the edge to safety as soon as possible.

“Harrisson, Hoadley, Kennedy and Jones “turned the sod” in the foundations of the hut, while Dovers, Moyes, Watson and I sledged along supplies of timber and stores.”

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