February 22, 1912: Bill Lashly and Lt. Teddy Evans make it to safety

–from Lashly’s diary, quoted in “The Worst Journey in the World”–

[The dog teams summoned from Hut Point by Tom Crean after his incredible 30-mile walk, arrived to rescue Lashly and Evans at Corner Camp 20 February, but were unable to return immediately due to heavy weather]

“22 February, 1912

“The wind went down about 9 p.m. so we began to move and were ready to kick off at 10, and proposed to do the journey in two stages.  It was fearfully heavy going for the poor dogs, we arranged so that Mr Evans was on Dmitri’s sledge and Doctor and myself was on the other.  We have done about half the journey and are now camped for a rest for the dogs and ourselves.  We had a stiff 16 miles: the Doctor and myself, we took turns riding on the sledge and walking and running to keep up to the dogs.  Sometimes we sank in up to the knees, but we struggled through it.

“My legs is the most powerful part of me now, but I am tired and shall be glad when it is over.  I must lie down now, as we are starting again soon for Hut Point, but the surface is getting better as we have pased White Island and can see so plainly the land.  Castle Rock and good old Erebus look so stately with the smoke rolling out.  It is so clear and calm and peaceful.  What a change in our surroundings of a few days ago and also our prospects.  Doctor and Dmitri have done everything they could for us.

[Later the same day]  “We started off after a rest for the dogs and reached here at Hut Point at 1 p.m. where we can rest in peace for a time.  Dmitri and Crean are going to Cape Evans: the ship is nowhere in sight.  Have had to get some seal meat and ice to prepare a meal.  Mr Evans is alright and asleep.  We are looking for a mail now.  How funny we should always be looking for something else, now we are safe.”


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