February 24, 1912: The Western Geological Party on board the Terra Nova

[The Terra Nova has picked up the Western Party and is steaming across McMurdo Sound, taking them back to the safety of the hut at Cape Evans before heading north to pick up the Northern Party and return to New Zealand for the winter.]

–from Tryggve Gran’s diary, published as “The Norwegian with Scott”

“24 February

“It wasn’t until mid-morning that the ice pressure eased and we could get the ship away from the floes.  It was ‘all on deck’ to carry out the see-saw drill [that is, “sallying” the ship by the crew’s running back and forth across the deck to break her free of the ice] to roll the ship adrift. We made good progress this afternoon, even though we were sailing through an ocean of large floes.  The course is set for Cape Evans and, provided nothing out of the way happens, we should get there tomorrow.

“We have given up on Campbell at any rate for a few days.  When those for the landing party have been put ashore, and those for the ship’s party brought on board, Pennell [captain of the Terra Nova] will attempt to force his way through to Evans Coves [to pick up the Northern Party]. I am afraid the prospects for success are pretty dim, but let’s hope all goes well.”

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