February 26, 1912: Cherry-Garrard sets out to resupply One Ton Depot

–from Cherry-Garrard’s account published as “The Worst Journey in the World”–

[He had been given orders to bring out to One Ton Depot, some 130 miles out on the Barrier, additional food and supplies for the Polar Party, expected to be arriving at that location shortly.]

“I was eager to start as soon as the team which had come back from Cape Evans was rested, but a blizzard prevented this.  On the morning of the 25th it was thick as a hedge, but it cleared enough to pack the sledges in the afternoon, and when we turned into our bags we could see Observation Hill.  We started at 2 a.m. that night.

“I confess I had my misgivings.  I had never driven one dog, let alone a team of them; I knew nothing of navigation and One Ton was a hundred and thirty miles away, out in the middle of the Barrier and away from landmarks.  And so as we pushed our way out through the wind and drift that night I felt there was a good deal to be hoped for, rather than to be expected.”

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