March 1, 1912: Unexplored new land–first steps inland from Commonwealth Bay

–from Douglas Mawson’s account, “The Home of the Blizzard”–

“Next morning the weather cleared still more, and we left just before noon.  Three miles out, a mast and flag were erected, when our companions of the day before who had again assisted us, turned back.  At five and a half miles the brow of the main rise was reached, and the gradient became much flatter beyond it.  The elevation was found to be one thousand five hundred feet.

“To the south nothing was visible but a great, wan, icy wilderness.  To the north a headland appeared on either hand, each about twenty-five miles away, and between them lay an expanse of sea dotted with many bergs.

“During most of the day we had travelled over a surface of clear ice, marked by occasional scars where fissuring, now healed, had at some time taken place.  Beyond the three-mile flag, however, the ice was gashed at frequent intervals, producing irregular crevasses, usually a few yards in length, and, for the most part, choked with snow.”

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