March 4, 1912: Cherry Garrard and Dimitri wati for Scott at One Ton Depot

–From Cherry Garrard’s account “The Worst Journey in the World”–

“Arrived at One Ton my first feeling was one of relief that the Polar Party had not been to the Depot and that therefore we had got their provisions out in time.  The question of what we were to do in the immediate future was settled for us; for four days out of the six during which we were at One Ton the weather made travelling southwards, and that against the wind, either entirely impossible or such that the chance of seeing another party at a distance was nil.

“On the day after we arrived at One Ton (4 March) Dimitri came to me and said that the dogs ought to be given more food, since they were getting done and were losing their coats:  they had, of course, done a great deal of sledging already this year.  Dimitri had a long experience of dog-driving and I had none.  I thought and I still think he was right.”

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