March 6, 1912: Gran’s high hopes for Scott’s polar party

–from Tryggve Gran’s account, “The Norwegian with Scott”–

“We exercised the mules after lunch, and then I made a trip with the dogs.  One dog was ill and breathed its last tonight; we dumped the corpse in the sea.  The poor thing died almost in my hands.  I was massaging its stomach when it gave up the ghost.  I was a little surprised at this result, but I think it must have been doomed anyhow and my conscience is clear.

“Nelson and I had a violent argument this morning about the shape of the Antarctic continent.  I compared it with South America–highest at the Pole, or a few degrees beyond, and an even declivity towards the Weddell Sea.

“The polar party shouldn’t be far from its goal [i.e. Hut Point] now, if all goes well, but I have a funny feeling that Amundsen has already reached the Pole.”

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