March 7, 1912: Scott’s party on the Barrier–a slow, inevitable decline

–From Scott’s diary–

“Wednesday, March 7–A little worse I fear.  One of Oates feet very bad this morning.  He is wonderfully brave.   We still talk of what we will do together at home.

“We only made 6-1/2 miles yesterday (R. 49)  This morning in 4-1/2 hours we did just over 4 miles.  We are 16 from our depto.  If we only find the correct proportion of food there and this surface continues, we may get to the next depot [Mt. Hooper, 72 miles farther] but not to One Ton Camp.  We hope against hope that the dogs have been to Mt. Hooper; then we might pull through.  If there is a shortage of oil again we can have little hope.

“One feels that for poor Oates the crisis is near, but none of us are improving, though we are wonderfully fit considering the really excessive work we are doing.  We are only kept going by good food.  No wind this morning till a chill northerly air came ahead.  Sun bright and cairns showing up well.  I should like to keep the track to the end.”

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