March 7, 1912: Amundsen and the Fram return to civilization

–from Amundsen’s account, “To the South Pole”-

“Meanwhile we were nearing a pilot station, and a bustling little motor launch swung alongside.  ‘Want a pilot, captain?’  On positively started at the sound of the first new human voice.  communication with the outer world was again established.  The pilot–a brisk, good-humored old man–looked about him in surprise when he came up onto our deck.  ‘I should never have imagined things were so bright and clean aboard a Polar ship,’ he  said, ‘nor should I have thought from the look of you that you had come from Antarctica.  You look as though you had had nothing but a good time.’. . . .

“He had heard nothing of the Terra Nova, on the other hand, he was able to tell us that Dr. Mawson’s ship, the Aurora, commanded by Captain Davis, might be expected back at Hobart any day.”

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