March 12, 1911: The Pole Party imagined to be in the home stretch

–from Frank Debenham’s account published as “In the Quiet Land”–

“12.3.12:  Charles [Wright] has shipped his pendulums into the darkroom.  He is sitting beside me reading The Rosary and is totally absorbed–you have to hit him with a hammer to get an answer!

“The others of the ‘Afterguard’ at the hut are Gran and Nelson.  But there are seven of the men.  The rest of the party–Capt. Scott, soldier [Oates], Birdie [Bowers]. Bill [Wilson] and Taff Evans ought to be getting near to White Island by now with ‘the Pole on their sledge’–it’ll be getting very heavy now.  Cherry and Dmitri have gone to meet them with the dogs while Atch and Keohane are at Hut Pt.  All the sea ice has gone out, so we are quite cut off from them and have an hourly watch for signals.

“The Eastern (Northern) party may be on the ship or may be on land.”

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